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Improve Your Child's Nutrition

Looking for an easy way to get your child to try new fruits and vegetables?

Then play the Rainbow Game!!

Get your child(ren) to race you to the cupboard/fridge and pick a fruit or vegetable that is their favourite colour. That is then the King/Queen of the Day!

This item will now be used in meals throughout the day - just tiny amounts - in many different ways!

For example:

Your child chooses red capsicum.

For morning tea it is sliced up longways to be used with a dip.

For lunch, it is wrapped up in a rice paper roll.

For afternoon tea - cottage cheese is placed onto a capsicum stick, then wrapped in an iceberg lettuce leaf.

And for dinner- capsicum can be halved and baked with a filling of 'fried rice' and parmesan cheese sprinkle, OR chopped up and cooked in with a Mexican dish (tacos/nachos/burritos).

The next day - The sun is shining so its 'YELLOW DAY', so its the race to the fridge/cupboard to see who can find the first yellow veggie that becomes the King or Queen of the day !!!


Make new foods exciting, present them in many different ways and always ask your child at the end of the day, "What was your favourite way to eat red capsicum today??

Another way to improve nutrition is to reduce sugar!

Hidden sugars are found everywhere!

And they add up quickly!

Breakfast cereals are a big culprit AND if you add a teaspoon of sugar on top - you could end up way over your daily limit.

Many people acknowledge sugar isn't great for their health and so don't 'add' sugar to their cereal or cuppa.

BUT it's the hidden sugars that can creep up on you!



Remember that fruit, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey and dates also contribute to your daily sugar load.

Tip Two:

On food labels, look at the average quantity of sugar per 100grams to evaluate which product has lower sugar (not per serve). Look for under 10mg per 100 grams, preferably under 5mg depending on the item. Packaged food almost always have added sugars, regardless of the advertising of "natural" on the cover. Always read the label!!

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