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Amanda Ross 

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Hi, I'm Amanda. 

Throughout my life, I have always looked towards natural alternatives. This lead me first into the beauty, health and wellness circle, eventuating as a bachelor trained Naturopath. 

Naturopathy focuses on whole body wellness, improving health by treating the individuals specific root cause, using natural therapies, to support the body to heal itself.

The idea that health, and happiness, can come from eating well, having good lifestyle habits and indulging in plant wellness, inspires me to encourage people from all walks of life, that good health is achievable.

For some of us, the ups and downs to achieve health balance can be hard, for others, we just need some tweaking. I can help!

Bringing guidance, together, we can achieve an easier, healthy life, be that for exisiting, or preventative, health concerns.

We are very fortunate to have centuries old wisdom from traditional herbal doctors, and the science of evidence-based medicine, to achieve our health goals. Are you ready to go on a journey with me...?!​

2022 has brought an amazing opportunity for my family!

With my eldest in his last year of primary school and my husband not working due to injury, we have decided to join the many families exploring our beautiful country, and do a 6 months trip around Australia!

The beauty of this is not just the amazing adventures and learnings my family will have along the way - but the fact I can still guide people to good health via online consultations!

So no matter where you are, and no matter where I am - we can connect, engage and restore health! Im so excited to reach Australians all over this amazing country, helping families, men, women and children, to be the best they can be and guide them .... I mean YOU, to a happier, healthier life!

Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages for health information and to follow my travels! Hope to see you......!!!


Children's Health

As children develop, their needs and requirements change too. Many childhood challenges respond well to naturopathy including; constipation, skin conditions, anxiety, ADHD, food challenges, asthma and general immune health. Providing a healthy start in life.

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions often stem from within, as the skin is a major elimination organ. Treating from inside out often resolves skin conditions, restoring internal balance. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and others, benefit from naturopathic treatment.

Women's Health

Women are such complex beings, with their health depending greatly on hormone happiness. Please don't suffer through life thinking 'this is normal'. PMS, peri-menopause, migraines, adrenal and thyroid conditions don't have to rule your life!


Living with pain can limit life pleasures. There are a number of ways to treat pain naturally, in conjunction with or without, prescribed medications. Individualised treatment here is essential in treating persistent pain.

Anxiety and Insomnia

Life stresses can affect our mental wellbeing, causing insomnia, digestive upsets such as reflux, headaches and anxieties. Naturopathy provides an individualised, natural approach that addresses underlying causes, regaining control over life again.

Chronic Health Conditions

Treating the whole person, addressing underlying causes, whilst reducing symptoms, is required for multi-faceted conditions.  Naturopathy provides effective management, and alternatives, for those living with chronic diseases such as CFS, asthma, diabetes, fibromyalgia and cardiovascular diseases.