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Health Benefits of Detoxing

Detoxing is not about starvation.

A detox is designed to improve your bodies natural elimination processes, not leave you flattened on the couch with no energy to move.

Detoxing should:

Reactivating your liver to breakdown toxins for their removal

Stimulating your digestive system to break down food better

Improve sluggish bowel movements

Stimulate your lymphatic system (otherwise known as your garbage removal system)

Ultimately leaving you feeling revived, refreshed and energised!

Whilst a detox can reduces calories, it shouldn’t incur hunger. Most therapeutic detoxes are designed to improve elimination pathways, not reduce calories.

It is the types of food chosen, and their quantity, that provides the ultimate detox and best results.

Lifestyle and dietary changes can significantly improve your bodies natural ability to remove toxins adequately and in doing so, remove many health issues that may be popping up.

A clinical detox, one prescribed by a naturopath, provides:

Nutritional food choices that reduce toxic load on your body,

Lifestyle changes that benefit the natural detoxification process and

Provide vitamins/nutrients and herbs that support and enhance the key detoxification organs

Detoxing can improve your health and have been an important part of life for many years. They are not a ‘trend’.

Sadly the world we live in overburdens our bodies natural detoxification organs.

This reduces their ability to detox efficiently, with cleansing through detox, reseting and improving the body’s own natural detoxification systems.

Toxins have been known throughout history to reduce health, with ancient medicine systems like Ayurvedia and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), employing many detoxification processes as part of their overall health plans.

Processed foods, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, excess alcohol and stress, all contribute to excess toxins in the body.

Symptoms that may benefit from a detox:

Acne, dermatitis, eczema

Sluggish, fatigue, no energy

Brain fog, poor concentration

Stressed, anxiety, depression

Often sick with colds and flu

Constipation, bloating, reflux, tummy pain

Bad breathe, strong BO

Weight gain



Increased sensitivities or allergies to certain foods

Do you see anything here that may relate to you??

If so, book in for an initial consultation, or for more information, book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call online at

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