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Oh no! Warts!

No one likes having warts.

They can make you feel self conscious and uncomfortable, especially when on the feet!

I remember being a little girl doing dancing at school with the boys. I would hate having to hold their hands, it was embarrassing as they made comments about not wanting to ‘catch’ my warts!

There are many natural and medical treatments out there, I’m sure you have tried at least some of them! Banana skin, Aloe Vera, Apple cider vinegar, essential oils, wart kill and even duct tape! I’m sure the list goes on......

Medically some doctors will freeze (cryotherapy) or cut them out.....or both! Ouch!

First let’s understand exactly what warts are and how they form, then we can treat them correctly.

Around 1 in 3 children develop warts, as we get older, our immune system becomes better at fighting the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are around 118 different strains of the HPV, ranging from cancer growths, genital warts to common warts.

Although a wart may disappear itself within 1-5 years, the virus itself is may still be present, resulting in further warts popping up at any time, anywhere. Warts located around the toes and fingers are said to be the most difficult to eliminate completely, and sadly, these are usually the most noticeable.

The different types of warts produced by HPV include plantar warts, verruca vulgaris warts and plane warts. HPV stimulates this excess growth of keratin that can be rough, smooth or flat.

As they are produced from a virus, they can be spread to other parts of the body by open wounds, sucking fingers, biting fingernails or even shaving. If you have warts on your feet, change socks regularly. Avoid scratching or cutting any warts, as this can easily spread the virus.

Unless a person has a very low immune system, it is unlikely the virus can spread from person to person. However, moisture can make the skin vulnerable to penetration, as can open wounds, so thongs are recommended in public wet areas, such as swimming pools and public showers, to prevent contamination.

Case Study

'Joe' presented for treatment of warts on his big and second toes. These had been with him for many years and caused much embarrassment. He would often place bandaids around his toes when bare feet in public. He occasionally had great pain when wearing his work boots, as they often pushed on his warts.

He had exacerbated all avenues of treatment, trying a number of natural topical agents, wart kill from the chemist, and had the doctor cut AND freeze his warts three times, with no success. The pain from this was unbearable and he had to take a day off work, as he was unable to walk, let alone put on a work boot!

We started treating from both the inside and out. 'Joe' applied a herbal tincture on the warts day and night, and took 10ml of herbal tincture twice daily.

As with most herbal medicine treatments, it did take some time for the warts to completely disappear. However, considering he had these warts for at least 10 years!, the 5 months went quickly as he watched the warts disappear!

Success here was not only due to his patience, but in the removal of the virus from within, rather than just treating topically.

Is it time for you to heal and remove unwanted viruses from within? Let me guide you........

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