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The Pain of Ear Aches

Ear Aches are a known childhood aliment.

A one-off ear ache, from swimming, is easily treated and doesn't cause much of a drama.

However, chronic ear aches in children can end in hearing loss and learning difficulties. It is estimated that around four out of five children will experience a middle ear infection at least once.

As the ear structure is still forming, children are prone to ear aches. The Eustachian tube may not drain efficiently, and if the Eustachian tube is blocked, secretions and associated bacteria build up inside the middle ear.

Middle ear infections are therefore common and cause irritability, pain, loss of appetite and loss of sleep (for both child and parent!).

Apart from structural, bacterial or viral causes, ear infections may occur due to an immature immune system, that is unable to fight the infection that arises within the ear.

Rebuilding or improving your child's immune system can greatly reduce infection reoccurrence.

Building strong immunity is paramount

If your child is a fussy eater, he/she may not be getting enough nutrients to ensure for a healthy and robust immune system.

A good Multi-Vitamin with high strength Vitamin C, together with immune probiotics are invaluable for children with chronic ear aches (WATCH SUPERMARKET BROUGHT VITAMINS AS ARE FULL OF SUGAR AND CONTAIN LOW DOSES OF NUTRIENTS).

Food Insensitivities?

Dairy has long been known as a culprit in childhood ear aches. Cow's milk has been said to thicken mucus which, specifically in children, can cause a blockage, with fungi and bacteria overgrowth. If a child has a sensitivity to cow's milk, consumption will reduce the immune system through causing inflammation in the gut - an area dominated with immune cells.

Book in for a Free Discovery Call, or an Initial Consultation to discuss how we can improve your child's immunity, and reduce their painful ear aches!

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